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Feeding a group with fresh food has never been easier


Priced per Person

A pricing structure that is simple and easy to understand. Let us know how many people you need to feed and we will do the rest. Portioned perfectly every time.

Delivered on Time

You tell us when and where – we will get it there. We deliver from the store location closest to your venue to ensure freshness and quality of every order.

Options for Everybody

Customize your plate just like your Balance Build-a-Bowl. A variety of starches, proteins, and sauce choices make it easy and fun to share a meal with co-workers or friends.

Billing made Easy

Payment can be processed day-of or we can keep your info on file to make it easier next time. Printed, itemized receipts are provided or sent via email to save some trees.

Scheduled or Last Minute

Planning for next week? No problem. Something popped up tomorrow? Cool with us. Need to order last minute? Just give us 3 hours notice and we’ll be there.

Reap the Rewards

We appreciate loyalty! How does a little kick back for your repeat business sound? Earn a percentage back to use in-store to treat a client to lunch, or redeem for gift cards!

customization is our specialty

Flavors for every taste
Foods for every diet


$10 and Everyone is Happy

Looking to feed 10 people or more? Balance Groups provides you with a delicious freshly-prepared meal that you can customize to everyone’s liking. We deliver starches (brown rice, fried rice, wheat noodles, white rice, or salad greens), proteins (grilled chicken, golden tofu, or wok-fired steak*), our signature steamed veggie mix (broccoli, carrots, corn, kale, and peapods), and your choice of 3 house sauces. Compostable forks, plates, and napkins are included in each order along with the utensils necessary for getting food from pan to plate!

We make a sauce for every flavor palate from traditional sweet and spicy Szechuan Wiseman to bold and herby Green Curry, and our signature house sauce recipes are all vegan. We make all of our sauces in the restaurants each morning, and bottle them by hand into squeeze bottles for easy clean eating. We can accommodate gluten-free diets; and have options for other dietary restrictions such as soy, shellfish, and pork.

* we charge extra for wok-fired steak


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We also offer appetizers, drinks, and dessert options. Some of our long-time favorite appetizers are the Creamy Wontons ($25) and Pork Eggrolls ($20), and they come with a side of Balance’s signature Sweet and Sour sauce. Our vegetarian and vegan fans are loving our delicious, citrus glazed Brussels sprouts ($25) or steamed, sea-salted Edamame ($20). Our nutritiously nutty Kale Salad with almonds, quinoa, cranberries, and Feta cheese is a major crowd pleaser and great for stretching a tight budget if you have light eaters ($30). Each tray is portioned to serve 10 people, and includes serving utensils.

Balance’s famous Bubble Teas are available in 12-packs for just $24. Choose from any of our satisfyingly thirst quenching Fruit Tea flavors like the Pineapple Express or Whatever (one of our signature handcrafted blend of flavors). Your guests will love our fun and unique drink concept, and the flavors go great with our Group meals.
We also offer cold 2-liter bottles of Pepsi or Diet Pepsi with cups for $5. Bottles of water are available for $1 each.

working for you is what we do

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you have a minimum order? Useful! Not useful!

    The minimum to start with Balance Groups is 10 people.
    We do not have a minimum dollar amount you are required to spend.


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  • How do you portion? Useful! Not useful!

    We like to break orders down into 5-person segments for uniform portioning.
    We weigh each ingredient per-person in raw weight before cooking, and portion our sauces by the ounce.
    Our appetizers are portioned either by weight or by serving piece.


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  • How far do you deliver? Useful! Not useful!

    Delivery within 10 miles from any Balance restaurant to your location, while using the shortest distance on Google maps, is a flat rate of $10.
    Deliveries can be made to locations that are farther than the 10-mile radius if you are serving more than 25 people (charge per mile) and orders are placed more than 24 hours in advance.


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  • Is serving or dining ware included? Useful! Not useful!

    Yes, all the necessary utensils for serving and dining are included.
    Additional compostable diningware packs (forks, napkins, and plates) are available for $0.50 each.


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  • How long can diners graze? Useful! Not useful!

    Our food is guaranteed fresh for about an hour after delivery. So eat up quick and enjoy your meal!


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