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Balance Nutrition

We made nutritional information available with Our 2015 Menu. Please note, nutritional content may vary because of changes in growing seasons, different suppliers, slight variations in our recipes, or the different places we buy our ingredients.

Build-a-Bowls Calories Fat Sodium Carbs Protein
Teriyaki 184 4g 1278mg 41g 4g
Wiseman 216 1g 787mg 49g 7g
Thai Guy 251 11g 51mg 36g 8g
Four-Star 163 0g 428mg 38g 4g
Green Coconut Curry 389 29g 346mg 29g 10g
Sweet & Sour 228 1g 74mg 56g 3g
Nuts 4 Pao 257 17g 962mg 21g 8g
Sassy Me 177 0g 468mg 41g 4g
Protein Options Calories Fat Sodium Carbs Protein
Chicken Breast 224 7g 241mg 0g 39g
Chicken Thigh 237 14g 241mg 0g 33g
Sirloin Steak 222 12g 73mg 1g 26g
Firm Tofu 322 26g 20mg 6g 22g
Starch Options Calories Fat Sodium Carbs Protein
Brown Rice 224 2g 0mg 33g 3g
Fresh Greens 15 0g 20mg 2g 2g
Wheat Noodles 360 12g 1002mg 54g 12g
Fried Rice 318 18g 726mg 36g 6g

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