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We are an Asian-Fusion Restaurant that serves Snacks, Build-a-Bowls, and a Seasonal Specials that you'll love! This Summer is all about giving our fans what they want: Try Any Three of our Famous Asian Tacos in our Trio Taco Sampler, and we have two new Vegetable-Focused Salads on our Snacks Menu. Tofu Tacos are now a thing, and Customizing your Build-a-Bowl has never been easier!


Salads to complete your meal, or Snacks to satisfy a craving. Go nutritious or decadent!


Build your own bowl by choosing the flavor, then adding a protein and starch choice!


Mongo, Korean BBQ, Pad Thai, BangBang, SoHo, and Red Curry! Try them all!


And now a Mobile App to take with you on the go! Download our App from the AppStore and have your order ready for pickup when you arrive!

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Like what you see? Take the next step towards Balance by downloading a copy of our Menu, Ordering Online, Downloading our Mobile App, or viewing our latest Nutritional Information.


Love our menu so much you just want to share it? Download your very own copy now to share with friends, take a copy to work, or post up on the fridge. Or you can stop in and pick up a copy printed on zero-offset, 100% recycled paper


Looking for nutritional information on our Menu? We are proud to be able to provide nutritional information for all of our Build-a-Bowls. We have a full chart available online, but if you’d like a copy to keep you can download a PDF version here.


Ready to satisfy that craving? You could call in to one of our restaurants… but that’s so 2013. Order right here instead! Click the link above to place your order. We also have an app on the AppStore. If you’re on your mobile now, click the link!



Green Apple – $3+

Tart Green Apple Green Tea paired with sweet Blueberry Juice Bubbles


The Whatever – $3.5+

Can’t Decide? Our Signature Blend of Five Flavors served with Mixed Juice Bubbles


Mango Blitz – $3+

Classic Combo Two: Sweet Mango Green Tea with Blueberry Juice Bubbles


Sour Grapes – $3.5+

Grape and Sour Apple Green Tea served with Litchi Juice Bubbles


Pineapple Express – $3.5+

Groovy Pineapple & Sweet Strawberry Green Tea with Mango Juice Bubbles


Passion Fruit – $3+

The Original! Exotic Passion Fruit Oolong Tea with Sweet Strawberry Juice Bubbles


Strawberry – $3+

Classic Combo One: Sweet Strawberry Green Tea with Mango Juice Bubbles


Raspberry Bliss – $3+

Refreshing Raspberry Green Tea, shaken, served over Kiwi Juice Bubbles


Darkberry – $3.5+

Our All-New Blend of Six Flavors served with a Rainbow of Fruity Bubbles


Just Peachy – $3+

A Fan Favorite! Juicy Peach Green Tea paired with Strawberry Juice Bubbles


Pineapple Cream – $4.5+

Tropical Pineapple, Green Tea, Honey, Organic Milk, Strawberry Bubbles, and Coconut Flakes


Matcha Milk Tea – $4.5+

Earthy Matcha Powder, Oolong Tea, Organic Milk, Honey, Tapioca Bubbles, and Coconut Flakes


Espresso Cream – $4+

Oolong Tea and Organic Milk spiked with Coffee. Served with Tapioca Bubbles. Choice of Garnish.


Original Milk Tea – $4+

Oolong Tea, Organic Milk, and our Original Syrup served with Tapioca Bubbles and Caramel


Sweet Red Bean – $4+

Sweetened Red Bean, Oolong Tea, and Organic Milk with Tapioca Bubbles and Crushed Oreos


Chocolate Milk – $4.5+

Organic Milk layered in Chocolate, crushed Oreo Cookies, and classic Tapioca Bubbles


Strawberry Cream – $4+

Sweet Strawberry, Green Tea, Organic Milk and Honey, and Tapioca Bubbles


Green Melon Milk – $4.5+

Sweet Green Honeydew, Real Honey, Green Tea, and Organic Milk with Strawberry Juice Bubbles


Purple Taro Milk – $4.5+

All-New Recipe. Japanese Purple Yam, Organic Milk, White Chocolate, and Tapioca Bubbles

What We’re About

Our goal is to be a real restaurant, serving real food, fast. We envision fresh meals, where every ingredient is prepared from whole form, right here in the restaurant. We do that every day, down to our Signature Sauces. We let the ingredients do the talking. We don't over-season our proteins or starches, and only briefly steam our vegetables so our customers can taste the natural flavors and textures.


What started with less than ten people has grown into a thriving community of young, energetic people who love what they do. We aim to continue investing in our team, to grow and solidify our concept into reality.

If you or someone you know is interested in an opportunity with our team, stop into one of our restaurants or send us an email below!


Every day is a learning experience for us. As a grass-roots endeavor started in 2010, we are just a baby in the game and have a lot to learn. But through awesome customer feedback, organic growth, and challenges we have faced, we innovate.

A Promise: Every time you visit Balance, we strive to make your experience better and more refined than the last.

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