Our Story

From humble beginnings to becoming an award-winning fast-casual franchise, our Asian-fusion food is proving that enlightened eating is possible (and preferable).

How We Got Started

In early 2010, co-founders Prakash Karamchandani (PK) and HoChan Jang (CJ) — two buddies-turned-business-partners — shared the same simple dream: serve happiness through food.

Opening their first restaurant location that February in Maumee (RIP), the duo’s inventive spin on the fast-casual concept hit the spot for foodies and families alike. The endlessly fresh possibilities of their pan-Asian cuisine soon put Northwest Ohio on the map — and them at the culinary cutting edge.

With a team of under 10, CJ fine-tuned his Asian-inspired fare, achieving unique flavor profiles and food pairings, while PK refined kitchen efficiencies, as well as the overall customer experience — together, continuously perfecting the details by prioritizing customer and employee feedback.

Their forward-thinking experiments with menus and operations struck the perfect balance between wholesome food that makes you feel good and indulgent flavors you crave — made quick, without sacrificing an ounce of quality.

Where We Are Now

We now own and operate 5 locations, as well as the first indoor aquaponics facility to be vertically-integrated into a restaurant concept.

While our menu still rotates with seasonal items, we’ve become well-known for staples like our customizable Build-A-Bowls and zesty Asian Tacos — not to mention our popular Bubble Tea bar and its variety of sweet, refreshing specialty beverages.

Also, we’re proud to be a go-to spot for those with plant-based and other dietary needs, preferences, or restrictions. (Making everything to order means you can make anything you-style.)

Our innovative, flexible approach to food, particularly our transparency in how we grow, prepare, and cook the meals we serve, has earned us multiple accolades.

But what keeps us pushing the limits of the fast-casual concept are the same two things we’ve had since day one: a love for community-minded, customer-centric craftsmanship, from farm to kitchen to taste buds — and a real appreciation for both those enjoying and those serving our feel-good food.

From grand openings and expansions to the groundbreaking of our 8,600 sq. ft. aquaponics farm, our employees and customers have supported us through it all (including a global pandemic that rocked the food industry). We’re nothing without our people.

And PK and CJ? They’re happy bringing a delicious dream to life.

Growth & Awards

Taking the National Stage

We’re proud to say we’ve taken the market by storm since the very start, winning awards and gaining positive attention from top industry players, just by doing our thing. And we don’t intend to stop anytime soon. Check out our news section to keep up with the latest.

Now Franchising

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