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Enlightened Eating is Possible.

Our Values

We believe it’s always a good thing to center health and happiness — especially when you’re hungry.

And happiness is feel-good food: what you love to eat, how you prefer it, when you want it. (With no regrets). So we’re not keen on compromising when it comes to health, quality, or craftsmanship. In fact, handcrafted authentic deliciousness you can fully enjoy, no worries? That’s kinda our thing.

That’s why we use only fresh, whole ingredients, sourced daily and locally from our own farms. Why we chop, cook, and prepare our top-tier vegetables, proteins, and sauces in small batches every single day — in an open-kitchen format, so you know just where your food comes from, and how it’s prepared. And why every Bowl, Snack, Taco, and Tea is totally customizable and made to order. Life can be fast. Food can be good and good for you. Find your balance.


Biodegradable packaging, participating in local events, donating food, providing jobs —our way to give back to the cities we call home and the people we love to serve.


Our goal? To grow as many of our own ingredients as we can for optimal freshness in an earth-friendly way. Our aquaponics farm and local partners make it a reality.

balance team

‘People-first’ is equally about employees, so offering well-paying work with well-rounded training is how we emphasize autonomy for our tight-knit, top-notch team.


Efficiency on our end means satisfaction on yours. So things like easy app ordering for customers, a tech-driven kitchen, and seamless curbside pickup…they’re a must.

keep it fresh

balance farms

Our 8,600 sq. ft. aquaponics farm, located in the heart of Downtown Toledo, allows us to save water and food miles, avoid agricultural runoff, and prevent food waste during all seasons, 365 days a year.

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