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Welcome to Balance

We are an Asian-Fusion Restaurant that serves Snacks, Build-a-Bowls, and a Seasonal Specials that you’ll love! All of our ingredients are prepared from whole form by hand, just in time, every day at each of our restaurants. Our menu is infinitely customizable, and able to be adapted to accomodate dietary preferences and allergies. Several of our ingredients we grow ourselves at Balance Farms: our Vertical Urban Aquaponics Farm in Downtown Toledo!

Delicious Snacks

Salads to complete your meal, or Snacks to satisfy a craving. Go nutritious or decadent!

Build Your Own Bowl

Build your own bowl by choosing the flavor, then adding a protein and starch choice!

Asian Tacos

Yup. Asian Tacos! Served on Locally-Made Puffed Blue Corn or Steamed Flour tortilla


Hand-Shaken and Sealed. Fresh Brewed Organic Tea, Unique Flavors, and Bright Colors!

Get the Balance App

An All-New Mobile App to take with you on the go! Download our App from the AppStore, Google Play, or Windows Marketplace and start earning points today!

Catering Services

Balance for Groups

Looking to feed 10 people or more? Balance Groups provides you with a delicious freshly-prepared meal that you can customize to everyone’s liking. We deliver starches (brown rice, fried rice, wheat noodles, white rice, or salad greens), proteins (grilled chicken, golden tofu, or wok-fired steak*), our signature steamed veggie mix (broccoli, carrots, corn, kale, and peapods), and your choice of 3 house sauces. Compostable forks, plates, and napkins are included in each order along with the utensils necessary for getting food from pan to plate!

What We’re About

Our goal is to be a real restaurant, serving real food, fast. We envision fresh meals, where every ingredient is prepared from whole form, right here in the restaurant. We do that every day, down to our Signature Sauces. We let the ingredients do the talking. We don’t over-season our proteins or starches, and only briefly steam our vegetables so our customers can taste the natural flavors and textures.

A Fast Growing Team

What started with less than ten people has grown into a thriving community of young, energetic people who love what they do. We aim to continue investing in our team, to grow and solidify our concept into reality.

If you or someone you know is interested in an opportunity with our team, stop into one of our restaurants or send us an email below!

We Innovate

Every day is a learning experience for us. As a grass-roots endeavor started in 2010, we are just a baby in the game and have a lot to learn. But through awesome customer feedback, organic growth, and challenges we have faced, we innovate.

A Promise: Every time you visit Balance, we strive to make your experience better and more refined than the last.

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