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  • How do I place an order?

    There are two primary ways to place an order:

    1. The Balance App is easy and convenient — order from home or work, and skip the line upon arrival. Receive your food via curbside pick-up for a safe and contact-free ordering experience.
    2. Place an order inside your preferred Balance location at one of our self-ordering kiosks. Simply place your order for carryout or dine-in, and wait for your name to be called.

    Visit balance.catering to place an order for a group of 10 or more!

  • Do you serve vegan and vegetarian food?

    Yes! Nearly every menu item is customizable, so it’s super easy to make your order fit your dietary needs (including gluten-free). Meat-free options include Firm Tofu and Lentils.

  • Can I purchase your sauces in bulk?

    Yes, we offer 10 oz. bottles of our signature BangBang, Thai Guy, and YumYum Sauces, available through The Market option on the App, or in-store when you order at the Sylvania location.

  • Will you ever bring back my favorite menu item?

    We always like to keep things fresh and new at Balance, which is why some of our Snacks, Bowls, and Tacos may disappear with the seasons to make room for new creations. While we can’t promise to bring back everyone’s favorite items, we always take customer feedback into consideration. Look for returning flavor profiles, including Sauces and Snacks, with each new menu announcement and during special events like Restaurant Week.

  • What if I don’t like something that’s included in a Bowl or Taco?

    Any of our Chef-Created Bowls and Tacos can be ordered without a certain item or items upon your request. However, you cannot substitute additional Vegetables or Garnishes due to streamlining and kitchen efficiencies. If you’d like to add specific Vegetables to your meal, you can simply start with a Build-A-Bowl option, which lets you choose everything that goes into your Bowl, including the Signature Sauce. We also offer Vegetables on the side.

  • How can I notify you of any dietary restrictions, allergies, or food preferences?

    You can tell us how you need your food prepared, right in the Balance App or in-store ordering kiosk. In the dietary notice section, you can notify us of any dairy, gluten, or nut allergies. You can also request that certain items, such as your Vegetables, Protein, or Starch, be served on the side. Plus, we offer specialty “Life Bowls” that are designed to support common diets and allergies.

  • Where can I find nutritional information about your food?

    We feature certain food items’ nutritional information on balance.menu. We also specify whether the food item can be made vegan and gluten free, and whether or not it contains dairy.