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  • What is the culture like at Balance?

    The Balance Fam is a team of hard-working, ambitious, and creative individuals. We value transparency, innovation, and fostering a collaborative team-based culture, day in and day out. We believe in cultivating a positive and fun work environment where we can be exactly who we are, and make each day meaningful. We do this through listening generously, providing honest feedback, and offering continuous support to one another. 

    If this sounds like your ideal work environment, hit us up on our contact form, through a private message on social media, or send an email to work@balancegrille.com.

  • Do you serve vegan and vegetarian food?

    Yes! Nearly every menu item is customizable, so it’s super easy to make your order fit your dietary needs (including gluten-free). Meat-free options include Firm Tofu and Lentils.

  • Do you participate in any sustainability efforts?

    We proudly strive to be an eco-friendly and green company. Our Bowls and Lids are made with compostable, biodegradable materials, and we encourage customers dining in with us to separate trash and recyclables.

    In 2018, we established a partnership with GoZERO to allow for in-store composting, with composting memberships available to community members who wish to bring their compost buckets to our facilities.